Penelope Premium Duck
Why young duck Penelope

Why young duck Penelope

The young white duck, also known as Pekin duck, is the most popular duck breed in Europe. It has already entered on the Bulgarian market, and its popularity continues to grow. More and more people find duck meat as a tasty and healthy addition to their menu.

Young ducks are raised only for meat. They are:

  • Delicate and juicy.
  • Healthy due to the presence of less fat.
  • 100% natural.
  • Easy to prepare and very tasty!

Why should you choose a young duck Penelope?

Penelope's big secret is that it provides the best possible conditions and microclimate for poultry growing on its farms. We strictly follow the rules of the HACCP food safety system and are certified according to the standards of IFS Food and Halal.

How do we raise a young duck?

Avoiding stress and treating animals is one of the most important things we strive for. We do not use antibiotics and hormones to stimulate the growth of young Penelope ducks. They are fed with high quality feed produced from natural products that favor their normal development. All these factors contribute to the better taste of the young duck.

Penelope's mission

We at Bulchicken are dedicated to offering duck meat with exceptional quality and taste. We have invested a lot of money and efforts to create a fully integrated production cycle, where all processes, from the beginning to the end of production, are under strict control. It is no coincidence that in recent years we have received quality and safety certification from international auditors with a rating of over 96%.

Our products are sold in over 25 countries in Europe. End customers are:

  • catering companies
  • restaurants
  • large retail chains
  • prestigious hotel chains etc.

We are constantly looking for feedback on our products and we are proud to share that in recent years we have been known as one of the best quality manufacturers in Europe.

By controlling biosecurity, we at Bulchicken offer our customers a combination of good taste and healthy products.